Supply market analysis and supplier identification with regard to your specific requirements

Thanks to our long experience and deep understanding of business relations and business culture in China, we can help you through the process of finding the right supplier for your needs.

If you prefer to move your supply chain closer to the European market, we can offer supplier identification and manufacturing solutions with potential to shorten lead times and promote sustainability goals.

Tailored turnkey solutions from product development until shipment to end customer

Do you need to optimize your product and find ways to cost effective manufacturing?

Are you looking for big batches of stock products delivered in a customized packaging solution?

Or maybe you need individual parts for fitting or assembly in your own production line?

Is the shortening of lead time a goal that would have you consider manufacturing solutions in closer approximate to your market?

We take responsibility for the entire chain, including provision of the best transport solution.

Investigations and factory inspections to ensure due diligence

A due diligence investigation is typically conducted at the outset of a new venture. Together with our team in China we verify registration documents of the company, analyze backgrounds of senior leaders, outline all companies in the group, search for legal issues, negative media reports, and for records in criminal databases. We also conduct site visits and validate human as well as operational capabilities.

A traceability solution that meets upcoming EU-demand of Digital Product Passports (DPP) which will apply to all products that enter the European market

To promote more environmentally sustainable and circular products the European Commission has proposed a new regulation that includes the requirement of a Digital Product Passport (DPP). The DPP will supply relevant and unique data for every single product in almost all categories of physical goods placed on the EU market.

As partners to Whatt.io we can offer an NFC-based solution with a flexible cloud platform that enables a connection between the physical product and product data throughout the product´s lifecycle, from cradle to grave. This solution is ready to be integrated with your product and complies with upcoming demands of DPP.