PROCOT is the
bridge between factory and
the product market


– Do you need to earn more money on your product?
– Are you wondering where to turn for production in Asia?
– Would a partner with understanding of the
business culture be of help?  

Take a look at some cases and please contact us, we will be happy to discuss your ideas.


– Do you need customers in new markets?
– Are you in need of big production volumes?
– Would a partner with representation in Europe
be of help?

Please get in touch with us for personal discussions 
about your needs.


PROCOT is the bridge between factory and the product market. 
We specialize in innovative electronics, IoT and electronics for safety and lighting. Through our experience and understanding of business cultures in Asia and Europe we create possibilities for deep collaborations around products and systems. We ensure the entire process from idea through production to an optimized and sellable product.

CEO Robert Mellergardh

PROCOT - innovative electronics, IoT and electronics for safety and lighting

We are participating in an EU-financed
sustainability and traceability project.